How online survey tools can save you time and money

You know why Google has a ‘no paper’ policy in their offices? One reason of course is to protect the environment. The second one is time and cost optimization. If you are about to hand out questionnaires to everybody in the office take a minute and think about the time this will take and all the money for the copied and the ink you are going to spend.

Knowledge is power

A great solution is an online survey – which is not only very easy to set up using online survey tools, but will save you and your employees great amount of time and money. Moreover, if you don’t have people around the office, online survey is a perfect way to reach them and get their opinion. In such a way, you are not limited by physical location.

Not only this, but survey tools are very easy to operate with and the people find them very easy to complete – they will love the idea. However, the true benefit comes in terms of data analysis. Imagine counting all the numbers and the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ in the paper questionnaire.

With online survey tools everything is done for you by the tool itself. You just choose the parameters you want to measure from the survey and in a blink of an eye you will not only have the numbers, but visual representation in a form of graph as well.

Nonetheless, despite having many advantages, certain individual might have a problem with online survey tools. If they are accustomed to paper questionnaires an online one might confuse them a bit. That’s why it is very important to explain to them what these kinds of survey are and how to solve them. Of course if a person doesn’t have a computer at his or hers workstation that might be a problem as well.